Saltwater Injection - Vinegar // Cuntryfile

Vinegar // Cuntryfile

Saltwater Injection

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Saltwater Injection - Vinegar // Cuntryfile

Double A-Side of explosive shouty punk rock. 2-piece band from Wirral, UK, Saltwater Injection are a fierce bass and drum combo.


"Vinegar is a foot stomping, head banging, throat tearing beast, while their party piece Cuntryfile has the catchy chorus of ‘Cameron is a cunt, he’s a fucking cunt…"
- link2wales

"Like Henry Rollins wrestling an angry grizzly bear... for a laugh"
- Platinum Al's Virtual Hot Tub

"Although they're born to offend the masses I can't help but love Saltwater Injection. Rock n' roll so dirty you'll be scrubbing yourself down for weeks"
- The Core

"Vinegar is raucous..Cuntryfile is faster and dirtier"
-This Noise Is Ours

"One of my favourite bands around today"
- Phil Hartley (Super Fast Girlie Show)


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  1. Saltwater Injection - Vinegar
  2. Saltwater Injection - Cuntryfile